Why Gucci Mane Achieved Success in Rap Industry

Hey guys, welcome to another post about trap music.

What I have for you today is this gucci mane type beat that I have found on YouTube while searching for any new rap instrumentals.

It caught my attention because the sounds in it are very unique and they fit together really well. The overall composition of this is great and well put together, it is very open for the rapper to put his vocals on top which makes it even better.

gucci mane

A lot of rappers these days like to rhyme on this type of open beats at it leaves them a lot of space to be creative and add their own adlibs in the background that can really spice up the song and take it to the next level.

Have a listen and tell me what you think about it in comment section, I would love to hear your opinion.

One of the main reasons why Gucci became so successful in rap industry is that instead of following the trends and trying to blend in, he created his own sound that was very specific to where he is from, which is Atlanta.

His beats were mostly created by the producer called Zaytoven and they both came up with this very bouncy and bass driven style that was also supported by a lot of live instruments and synthesizers.

Most of his songs are very, very catchy and mostly based on party and street environment.

They really made an impact on the hip hop culture and created a trend that now has caught up pretty much all around the world, where artists from every country have at least a one song in their disposal that is recorded on trap instrumental.

That is all I have for you today and hopefully I help you learn something about the music of the streets.

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How To Make A Future Type Trap Instrumental

Hey guys, I have just found a very unique and spooky sounding beat that would be great for rappers like Future or Gucci Mane.


If you are into trap music, you should definitely check it out and share with me your thoughts.


I personally really like it as it sounds way different that most of the music that is out there these days. It still has that 808 bass sound to it but the melody and overall structure of this song is very unique.

It would be perfect for like a dark storytelling track or something like that.