Do looks really matter?

These days more and more people start to really get insecure about how they look like and it slowly becomes a problem on a big scale, especially in France. It can especially affect girls in puberty age where they start comparing themselves to all their friends and feel very bothered that they might not be at the same stage yet. At the same time it can affect boys too, especially if they develop acne or are not as tall as their colleges.

This type of problems might seem very small compared to what is happening all around this planet, but for those teenagers it is a very serious problem that affects they everyday life and can have a massive impact on their self confidence.

With that being said to solve this type of struggles, girls reach out for beauty products and try to cover up their insecurities by putting on a lot of makeup or by using other enhancers like castor oil for the eyelashes to make them look longer and thicker.

You can see example of that in the video below:

In France, they call it Huile De Ricin Cils and it is a very popular method these days. As you can probably see, this is not really solving the problem but only covers up the symptoms of it. The real solution to this madness is to spread the positive message to those people and let them know that they are OK just the way they are and they should not be bothered by it or try and compare themselves to their peers.

Everyone is an unique human being and should always be happy and satisfied with how they look or who they are. If more teachers spread this message in schools all around the world, there would be less and less cases of severe depression or an actual suicides that do happen because of those things. There is a lot of cases that some teenagers get severely bullied because of those reasons and they couldn’t cope with the idea that everyone laughs at them and think they are “ugly” or just different.

inner beauty

These students often either have no one to talk to about this problem or are too shy and embarrassed to reveal that to their parents or anyone who have authority.

This really affects lives of a lot of people, not just teenagers. They sometimes can live their entire life with those ideas stuck in their head, fully believing that they are truth and identifying themselves with it. So remember, by mocking someone you might think it is just a bit of fun and even if you are not being serious, you can never know what that person is currently going through in their lives. That little joke or comment about them can really affect their life and maybe even push them to decide to do something foolish.

Whenever you think like it is good idea to mock someone, before you do it please think first how would you feel if that was you who gets laughed at. Then make a decision based on that conclusion, because no one really would want that. Even if you don’t actually like that person or simply do not want to be friends with them, just be respectful and either simply leave them alone or show a sign of kindness.

It can really make a difference in some people lives and by saying a positive thing to them, even if you don’t really mean it, it can make their day and brighten their mood.

There is no need to be rude or disrespectful towards anyone for no reason, if every human begin understood that and felt this way, the amount of social anxiety in our society would really, really drop.

Problems With Keeping Your Job? You Are Not Alone!

A lot of people these days have problems with keeping their jobs, one of the reasons might be that they get into an industry that don’t really suits their interests which can be very hard to commit to for a longer amount of time.

A good idea is to find a market or the type of job that will match with your interests, for example if you like exercising or being physically active you might consider getting a job in fitness industry, check out the video below:

By doing that and finding out what you are really into, your lifestyle and general attitude towards your job will change completely, making you more happy and satisfied human being.

Find your passion today and make a move to build your life around it!